Moss, citrus and milled metal: free useful materials

Artists and enthusiasts constantly create useful things such as models or textures, and share them with other artists, sometimes for free. This week, we have gathered 3 interesting free materials for you.

1. Moss PBR Material

Pete McNally shared a realistic seamless moss material of 4096×4096 pixels in size, consisting of Albedo, Normal, Roughness, AO and Height maps. This material covers a surface of about 30x30 cm in real world terms. The artist created it "using a photometric stereo pipeline." The final images were rendered in real time using Marmoset Toolbag 3. The material is a 25 MB .ZIP file containing 5 high quality JPEG files.

2. Procedural Milled Metal

“Metal objects are often machined with a milling machine. This results in different texture gradients in the different axes of XYZ. Milling aluminum also has a special feature. This results in additional iridescent surfaces because the aluminum immediately gets a transparent oxide layer,” reads the material’s description. These metallic materials are procedural (without textures) and are aligned and divided along axes. These include Metal X, Metal Y, Metal Z, Metal thin (as an example of a finer gradation along the edge).


3. Procedural Citrus Fruit Shader

The 100% procedural citrus shader for Blender, from New Zealand artist Thatimster, is available for free downloads. The shader was built in a convenient group of nodes, so you can easily add it to any project. The color, shape, membranes distribution, bump, and other properties can be adjusted quickly without navigating the nodes.


Share your favorite textures and procedural materials in the comments and download 56 fabrics for the Unreal Engine, while they’re still free.

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