Most Downloaded 5 Models

At, we pride ourselves on offering a wide array of 3D models to fuel your creative projects, from architectural visualizations to game development and beyond. Our vibrant community has spoken, and we're excited to present the top five most downloaded 3D models available on our platform. These models have captured the imagination of countless creators and continue to be a source of inspiration. Let's explore these popular 3D assets that have earned their place in the spotlight.

  • 1. Black Sofa (Furniture Models)

The Black Sofa 3D model is a testament to contemporary design and comfort. It's a go-to choice for architects and interior designers looking to furnish their virtual spaces with style and sophistication. Whether it's a chic urban loft or a cozy living room, this versatile model adds a touch of elegance to your visualizations.


Nature's beauty is often best captured by technology. Our 3D Scanned Rock model brings the rugged beauty of natural elements to your 3D scenes. It's perfect for landscape design, outdoor environments, or any project that requires the organic charm of real-world rocks.


Elegance and functionality meet in the 3D Chair model. Whether it's a dining room, a boardroom, or a stylish cafe, this model serves as a statement piece in your interior designs. The attention to detail in the design and textures ensures a realistic representation in your renders.


Props can breathe life into your scenes, and the Barrel 3D model is no exception. It's a versatile asset that fits seamlessly into historical, rustic, or industrial settings. Use it to add character and authenticity to your architectural and game projects.


Nostalgia meets technology in the Old Phone 3D model. This vintage gem adds a touch of retro charm to your scenes. Whether it's part of a decor arrangement or a standalone prop, it's sure to evoke fond memories and add a unique flair to your visualizations.


These 3D models have garnered the admiration of our creative community. We're excited to see how you incorporate them into your projects, infusing your virtual worlds with realism, style, and character. Remember, all of these 3D models are available under our CC0 license, making them free to use in your commercial and personal projects.
Discover these top 3D models and more on, and stay tuned for our continually expanding library of high-quality assets. Thank you for being a part of our thriving community, and happy modeling!

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