56 free PBR fabric materials for UE4

Epic Games has released a collection of 56 PBR materials of various fabrics for the Unreal Engine, which can be downloaded for free until the end of March 2019 as part of a series of monthly free assets collections from Epic Games.

Files created by artist Ronan Mahon were obtained from scans of real fabrics, including canvas, velvet, cotton, denim, felt, flannel, fleece, fur, lace, leather, linen and terry fabrics, velvet and wool.

Each material includes 15 child material instances, which allows for creating 840 different materials in total, and comes with a set of texture maps sized 4096 by 4096 pixels.


Lighting features supported by the materials include subsurface scattering and ambient occlusion.

The free March UE4 collection also contains packages of modular architectural structures, swords, scrolls and dodge animations.

Availability and System requirements

56 PBR materials from Ronan Mahon for Unreal Engine are available free of charge until the end of March 2019. Materials are compatible with Unreal Editor, running on Windows or Mac OS X, as well as builds for Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The files are licensed for commercial use.




If you prefer Unity, there is a collection of 300 free materials available for use.

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в новых версиях вирея есть возможность заставить проц прикинуться видюшкой :) Starting in 3.60, V-Ray RT GPU can perform hybrid rendering with the CUDA engine utilizing both the CPU and NVIDIA GPUs. V-Ray can now execute the CUDA source on the CPU, as though the CPU was another CUDA device. To enable the hybrid rendering mode, simply enable the C++/CPU device from the list of CUDA devices.
The hybrid rendering mode does not require any special drivers. Furthermore, you can use the CPU as a CUDA device even if you don't have an NVIDIA GPU and/or NVIDIA drivers installed. Meaning, this mode can be used on computers that don't even have GPUs. The hybrid render engine running on a CPU supports the same features as the regular V-Ray RT GPU CUDA engine.
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Lex, при рендере на груди проц тоже используется. В VRay точно так
505 4K textures
Охренеть, это ж сколько всё это счастье весит?
mageasterОхренеть, это ж сколько всё это счастье весит?
Andrew Feoktistov (fruit_cake)
Спасибо, я уже посмотрел.