animation of the car. how difficult is it?

preview animation of the car. how difficult is it?
Hello everybody! so the next project has been completed, for which we spent a little more than 2 months (2 people) in total, a month was spent on a full rendering of the location, which was divided into 6 parts (for the convenience of animation) and in general consisted of 200 million polygons. But the location is half the case, it was necessary to animate the drift. And after another month, I want to tell you that this is how difficult it is. The fact is that I work in 3d max, and I had 2 options for animating the machine: Craft director studio or madcar. Craft is a very cool engine, if it's about driving in a straight line, but as for drifting, everything is terrible there. There is no drift physics itself, there is only something like senseless sliding and the drive is always only full. And the handbrake acts on all 4 wheels. Always! So I realized that a tin was brewing, and opened Madcar. Anyone who has ever tried this plugin knows that first of all he does not count everything in real time, but somewhere in 10FPS... with some unrealistic delay... and secondly, driving with the help of
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