Christmas story

preview Christmas story Ice, christmas, Story, denis, rink, skates, tree, holiday, Library, gunnar asplund’s librar Ice, christmas, Story, denis, rink, skates, tree, holiday, Library, gunnar asplund’s librar
Hello! Participation in contests and competitions for me is an unaffordable luxury. There is always a lot of work, but I'm trying to find time for such projects, because I get great pleasure from the process. In addition, this is a real opportunity to compare yourself with other participants on the international platform, having the same conditions! This competition by Tomorrow and Ronen Bekerman began in mid-December and lasted just over a month. I do not know how anyone, but at this time I thought only about the snow-covered slopes and snowboarding, so I safely gave myself to my favorite sport and returned only in mid-January, satisfied and happy))) Before the end of the shift, there were 5 days left and many participants have already submitted their work! In order not to meet the deadline, I had a rigid framework in my work, and I had a maximum of 15 hours for each image. I was lucky because I knew exactly what I needed to do: next to the library in Stockholm there was a small pond that would be cool to use as a skating rink. The picture fell out of the trends of "nebula and dullness", but I wanted to create a bright and juicy atmosphere, like on the Red Square in Moscow, which by the way was decorated better than any other City of the World! You can see the result of the work done now after the announcement of the results. Well, this time I did not win a prize, by the way, I didn’t even pay attention to the work of the future winner when I looked at all the projects of the participants. The winners are not judged, but I really liked other works, especially the Ukrainian guys, who also went unheeded. They are great, you can only envy their zeal and the level of work performed. Many thanks to my beloved Yana, who with her critics helped a lot with her work! Without her advice, I would not have pulled the work for such a short period of time.  Thank you for rating and your attention!
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