DENT: Free UE4-pack for networked destruction

DENT is a fully networked template that extends the functionality of the mechanics of destructible meshes, providing point and radial control over them. DENT is designed to add realism to sound and visual effects in the destruction of various structures.

The list of features includes full network support for destructible meshes, complete control of the destruction physics on meshes and, moreover, there are example Networked ranged damage system templates and modular examples of destructible buildings.

Fracture events

In fracture events, it is possible to disable lighting, explosion effects, AOE damage, as well as spawn particle emitters and sounds for radial or point-based damage. In addition, with the help of these events, you can create debris that arises during destruction, and there is a kill switch.

The pack includes 25 destructible items configured in blueprints:

  • Barrels;
  • Wooden boxes;
  • Stone walls as an extended construction with support;
  • 2 lamp posts (affect lighting);
  • 2 modular buildings;
  • Basic sources of particle and sounds.

The package also contains tutorials, blueprints, instructions and other useful materials. It was supposed to work both on Windows and on Mac, but was tested only on Windows.Woodboxscreenshot1-1920x1080-b78cf9c2a4522a88be43df477b160c14.png



what is the purpose of this functionality
expansion of effects
why is it done
Many games have been created on this basis.