Tool Box: 7 free useful packages of assets and textures

The Friday selection of free useful things for 3D artists includes an add-on for procedural materials in Blender, hyper-realistic skin textures with all the necessary maps, a huge package with assets for interiors and other cool stuff.

1. Procedural fabric materials in BlenderKit

A package of procedural fabrics for Blender by artist Vilem Duha. The artist shared a tutorial on how to set them up for your own use. The license allows you to use the resulting textures as your own.

2. Realistic skin textures for male and female characters

Travis Davids generously shared a magnificent texture pack with skin maps for male and female characters. The pack contains both .obj models in T-poses and a C4D project file. In addition, the package has a video tutorial "Adding more realism in the Daz Skin shader."


3. Melee weapons for UE4

A stunning free melee pack from Unreal Marketplace, which includes an adjustable wrench, an M9 bayonet, an axe, a baseball bat, a heavy axe, a crowbar, a kunai (throwing knife) and a shuriken (throwing star). All assets come with PBR textures and a Blood Mask that can be used or not.



4. Pack of advanced glass materials

This pack contains 5 different types of glass: clean (acrylic, colored, patterned, etc.), dirty (dusty, stained, etc.), frozen, cracked and wet. 36 variations of materials may be obtained thanks to 42 textures with maps.


5. The ultimate set of dining assets

An insanely large collection of Next-Gen high-quality ready-made dining sets. The pack contains 65 dining sets and many small props. It focuses primarily on independent designers and small indie studios.


6. Subway train

A modular train in the style of the New York subway for the Unreal Engine. The project includes a set of modular meshes and simple blueprints to create a subway train. All assets, materials and VFX are created in Unreal Engine at production-level quality. Each asset was created for realistic AAA quality images.


7. Procedural Nature Pack

Procedural Nature Pack is a great tool that allows you to procedurally create trees, vines and other natural elements. It will not replace SpeedTree, but it is a great tool for creating assets for games. There is also a 2 GB demo scene, so you can check how it all works.


In the previous compilation of useful things, we shared free plugins for Maya.

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