Free source images for matte painting from MattePaint


MattePaint's online image gallery offers free high-quality source images for matte paint. Created by artist Conrad Allan, whose CV includes works at MPC, Rising Sun Pictures and Image Engine, the image library was intended as a resource created by "artists for artists."

Images are divided into logical and thematic categories, such as sky, aerialphotographs and architecture. Moreover, there is a search tool for specific countries or key locations. Each image is captured by someone with a “VFX-trained eye” and provides a range of resolutions and exposure values (you can preview each EV online by dragging the slider) in 16-bit DNG format. The resolution is very high, the largest image on the site being 1.1 gigapixels, and many of the images are pre-stitched panoramas. MattePaint’s assets have already been professionally used in films, including Deadpool, Assassin's Creed and The Space Between Us.


Since its launch in 2017, the library has increased to more than 37,000 images with resolutions up to 500MP. Users registered on the site receive 50 credits for downloads, which roughly corresponds to a single image of 5,000 x 2,750 pixels or two images of 3,000 x 2000
pixels. Each user also receives 5 free credits per day (max. 100 credits). But to receive them, you need to verify your account by linking it with your profile on ArtStation or Behance.

Subscription costs start at $5/month for 10 bonus credits (up to 20 downloads per day). Packages start at $12 for 250 credits.

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