Project Substance Alchemist open beta | Release

At GDC 2019 the Substance team announced the launch of the Substance Alchemist open beta. Since the beginning of this week, all current Substance users have exclusive and unlimited access to the latest Substance tool to work with materials that unite the Substance ecosystem more than ever before. Now artists can easily create and supplement entire libraries of materials.

Project Substance Alchemist takes the art of creating 3D materials and managing them to a newlevel thanks to the instinctive ease of use of software. Artists can count on a powerful, streamlined workflow and an intuitive user interface. The new tool is easy to use, fast and uses some of the most advanced technologies. By hiding its intrinsic complexity behind easy-to-use tools, such as parametric sliders and filters, Project Substance Alchemist improves the performance of artists without losing functionality.

Substance users can access materials in several ways, including downloading them directly from the Substance Source, searching for materials offered by the Substance community, or even uploading real photos. From there they can quickly elaborate their own library of materials.


Project Substance Alchemist is a magic wand for artists working with scans, which can do quick and reliable tiling using artificial intelligence. The software can instantly balance the shadows and light attached to photos and scans, keeping the lighting even and constant. Artists who need to quickly perform material iterations will appreciate the wide range of variations that are possible thanks to the instant creation of material collections based on a single image or mood-board. Project Substance Alchemist is also able to analyze the artist's material and automatically generate suggestions for colours and textures, providing compatibility and additional creation options.


Although Substance Alchemist is a standalone tool, it is closely related to the existing Substance ecosystem. Artists can search for downloads in Substance Source, import materials and filters made in Substance Designer, or share created materials through Substance Share. Imported materials can be added to a user’s personal library for later use or applied to assets in Substance Painter. Thanks to the
standardization of the Substance format, materials created in Substance Alchemist can be exported and used in any mainstream 3D software, including Unreal Engine, Unity, 3ds Max, Maya, and many others.


Price and Availability

Substance Alchemist is available for free to Substance users via Indie or Pro subscriptions for $19.90/month and $99.90/month respectively. Prices for companies and educational institutions are available on request. Students and teachers can request a license for free.