Open beta finalRender for Maya 2018

Studio Cebas Visual Technology implores everyone to join their first open beta program and get Maya finalRender for free.

FinalRender for Maya is an integrated rendering system with full support for the Hypershade Editor and many shader nodes built into the software. Render offers a very convenient and efficient pipeline for working with Maya, thereby speeding up production.

What’s New?

FinalRender introduces the revolutionary BuildingBlocks™ system - a new approach to creating physical shaders in Maya, based on ray tracing. Building Blocks based on the raytracing core of finalRender for Maya and allow for an unlimited number of shader components that noverlap each other to simulate the real life properties of almost any material. FinalRender for Maya includes multi-core technologies for ultra-realistic rendering.

Key Features

  • Many dedicated ready-to-render finalRender Materials
  • Photometric and Real Area Lights
Network Rendering
  • True Distributed Network Rendering
  • Standard Network Farm-Rendering through batch-rendering is supported

  • Real world Physical Camera Exposure Model
  • Multiple Real World Cameras to choose from

Lights & Shaders
  • Advanced Caustic Rendering Effects
  • Highly Optimized Multi-Layered Skin Shader
  • Maya Shading Network support



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