The Witcher creator received a huge sum from CD Projekt


The conflict between CD Projekt Studio and writer Andrzej Sapkowski, the author of the Witcher book series, has ended. Previously, Andrzej intended to sue for $ 16 million from the studio that created The Witcher games based on his work.

Sapkowski demanded an increase of deductions based on the profits from The Witcher 3. When he sold the rights to ‘Saga of the Witcher’ to the studio, he did not expect the games that followed to become so successful. In October 2018, his lawyers sent a letter to CD Projekt demanding they pay the writer at least 6% of their profits.

As a result, Game Informer reports, the writer did not continue the conflict and agreed to less compensation without trial. CD Projekt did not specify the exact amount that they agreed to with the author in order to "maintain good relations."

According to Polish media source Puls Biznesu, Sapkowski will receive from CD Projekt more than he relies on, despite the lawyers of the Polish studio insisting on the groundlessness of the author’s requirements. However, it’s been confirmed that the amount is slightly less than the $ 16 million he demanded at first.