UE4 Particle Toolkit now for free

A freshly updated Particle Toolkit by Luos is now completely free. It includes various meshes, noise textures, material functions, vector fields and more for high-quality VFX projects. It also comes with 67 pre-configured particles.

The Particle Toolkit is an amazing set of tools with all sorts of great features, which can be used to create and customize all sorts of particle effects.

What’s included:

67 Particle effects;
200 textures useful for a variety of effects;
11 flip-books;
9 gradients;
23 masks;
38 RGB Channel Noise Textures;
45 Normal maps for UV distortion;
30 gray-scale noise textures;
50+ textures of various types (sprites, noise, normal, detail, etc.).


The Particle Toolkit is compatible with Unreal Engine 4 on Windows. There is currently a special offer providing the toolkit for free down from the usual $40.

Warning: This version’s package and associated files have been renamed and completely restructured; do not update this package directly in any project where you have used the previous version as this will break it. Version 4.11 will still contain the old files, but version 4.12 and succeeding will contain the updated and renamed ones.