New Nintendo Switch could be more portable and affordable


There are some rumors on the Internet that a redesigned Nintendo Switch may be released at the end of 2019. Last year, numerous media sources reported the possibility of a more portable version of the highly successful Nintendo hybrid console.

At that time, none of these reports had been confirmed. But recently, the Japanese edition Nikkei reported, citing its own sources that Nintendo are working on a new console model. According to the article, the new Switch will be smaller, cheaper, and will launch somewhere between 2019 and the beginning of 2020. The redesign implies “missing features" for the sake of greater portability, which will allow for "carrying it around easily."

It was also mentioned that the development of a new Nintendo Switch Online service is in a progress and is scheduled to launch in 2019. Currently, there’s no information on the features of the new service, but reports state that it will cost more than the current subscription at $20 per year.

As is the case with rumors, it’s foolish to get too excited before they’ve been confirmed. Nevertheless, a more portable and affordable model of the beloved console would be an excellent addition to Nintendo’s lineup. Tell us your thoughts and which of their consoles you think is the best.