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$500,000 Grants from Epic Games on UE4 indie projects
Epic Games announced the finalists of Unreal Dev Grants, a $ 5 million foundation that supports developers working on the Unreal Engine 4.
Arnold 5.3 with Arnold GPU in public beta
Autodesk unveiled Arnold 5.3 public beta with Arnold GPU, which provides artists with GPU rendering, as well as the flexibility to choose between rendering on a CPU or GPU without changing renderers.
Gaming won’t be the same with a new cloud streaming system Stadia
At the GDC Google finally unveiled its cloud gaming service Stadia, where all you need is to open Chrome and start playing the latest 4K games at 60fps.
Free custom UI for ZBrush 2019
Love ZBrush, but aren't comfortable with its illogical UI? Vadim Sadykov shared an updated version of his free plugin ZBrushCustomUI to speed up your work.
New Google Play projects for indie developers
Google Play shared alist of this year’s initiatives to support Indie developers.
MIPIM Awards 2019 winners have been announced
On March 14, the 29th MIPIM award ceremony took place as part of MIPIM, the world's leading real estate market. 12 winners were announced.
Meshroom 2019.1 | Release
Meshroom developers have released Meshroom 2019.1, the first major open source software update for photogrammetry since its initial release.
Playrix's 2018 revenue brought them to the top 10 most successful mobile gaming publishers
The publisher Playrix earned more than $ 1 billion in 2018, which allowed them to take 9th place in the global list of the most profitable publishers of mobile games and software.
Free terrain shader MicroSplat for Unity
MicroSplat for Unity is a modular shading system for terrains, focused on performance and ease of use. MicroSplat can be considered a replacement for the Unity Terrains shader system.
Nearly half of European startups who claim to use AI are lying
A new study shows that only 40% of European startups, who claim to use artificial intelligence in their business, actually do.
The world of deep space in Passengers: An interview with MPC
What does space 30 light-years away from Earth look like? What difficulties would you face if you tried to simulate water under zero gravity? RENDERU.COM discussed these uncertainties with Pete Dionne
How 3D Designers are Bringing a Game-changing Dimension to e-Commerce
Discover this massive opportunity with CGTrader!
Blade runner 2049: How Territory studio designed future technologies in the film
London-based Territory studio was brought on board in the very early stages of production. The artists delivered over 100 assets across 15 sets, which almost all were implemented live and shot on set.
"Interstellar has opened up doors to a new life": Interview with a 2D sequence supervisor at Double Negative
Raphael Hamm told RENDERU.COM about his experience of collaborating with Christopher Nolan, and how Double Negative visualised space phenomena when nobody really knows what they look like in reality.
An interview with Evan Lee
RENDERU.COM spoke to Evan Lee, an awesome artist from Taiwan. His designs are incredible, each painting catches your eye. Want to know more? Just read it!
‘Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III’ Trailer: An interview with Axis Animation
Abed Abonamous, Director, Caleb Bouchard, Producer, and Head of FX Hudson Martins told RENDERU.COM about the creative process behind the trailer.
Human artists VS machines: How artificial intelligence is learning to be creative
Will we see artificial intelligence becoming a true artist any time soon? What would the consequences be? RENDERU.COM spoke about it to Ahmed Elgammal, Professor of Computer Science.