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DECALmachine 1.8 | Release
MACHIN3 has released a new version of DECALmachine, an add-on for Blender, which uses mesh Decals to help detail the surface without any disruptive effects and without UVs.
Blender 2.8 release is scheduled for July
Blender developers have announced the release of Blender 2.8 in July 2019.
New professional PC line from Acer
Acer introduced ConceptD, a new brand of PCs, laptops and high-end monitors on Windows 10, optimized for graphic designers, directors, engineers, architects, developers and other creative professions.
Tool box: Resources with free textures for 3D art
We saved your time on searching for textures on the Internet, having collected in one article excellent sites with free textures.
Beta Fusion 16 Studio | Release
Blackmagic Design released Fusion 16 Studio, the latest version of compositing software, in open beta.
Maxon buys Redshift
Maxon, developer of professional solutions for 3D modeling, animation and rendering, announced an acquisition of Redshift Rendering Technologies, Inc., developer of the Redshift rendering engine.
The three best teams participating in the NASA 3D-printed Habitat Challenge announced
NASA has announced that the three best teams participating in the 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge have completed the final round of the competition - complete virtual construction.
Tool Box: 7 free useful packages of assets and textures
The Friday selection of free useful things for 3D artists includes an add-on for procedural materials in Blender, hyper-realistic skin textures, a huge package with assets for interiors, etc.
After Effects CC 16.1 | Release
Adobe released After Effects CC 16.1, an update to compositing and 2D animation software, adding a Content-Aware Fill for video, enhanced GPU acceleration support, and a new Expressions Editor.
Free Pro Forest Pack from Alter'49
Students working on the VFX film Alter ’49 have shared assets from its production for free.
The world of deep space in Passengers: An interview with MPC
What does space 30 light-years away from Earth look like? What difficulties would you face if you tried to simulate water under zero gravity? RENDERU.COM discussed these uncertainties with Pete Dionne
How 3D Designers are Bringing a Game-changing Dimension to e-Commerce
Discover this massive opportunity with CGTrader!
Blade runner 2049: How Territory studio designed future technologies in the film
London-based Territory studio was brought on board in the very early stages of production. The artists delivered over 100 assets across 15 sets, which almost all were implemented live and shot on set.
"Interstellar has opened up doors to a new life": Interview with a 2D sequence supervisor at Double Negative
Raphael Hamm told RENDERU.COM about his experience of collaborating with Christopher Nolan, and how Double Negative visualised space phenomena when nobody really knows what they look like in reality.
An interview with Evan Lee
RENDERU.COM spoke to Evan Lee, an awesome artist from Taiwan. His designs are incredible, each painting catches your eye. Want to know more? Just read it!
‘Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III’ Trailer: An interview with Axis Animation
Abed Abonamous, Director, Caleb Bouchard, Producer, and Head of FX Hudson Martins told RENDERU.COM about the creative process behind the trailer.
Human artists VS machines: How artificial intelligence is learning to be creative
Will we see artificial intelligence becoming a true artist any time soon? What would the consequences be? RENDERU.COM spoke about it to Ahmed Elgammal, Professor of Computer Science.