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D5 Render 2.8 Update by Dimension 5 Techs
First released in 2021, D5 Render is an increasingly powerful architectural renderer with plug-in support for various DCC and CAD applications.
tyFlow 1.111 integrates Stable Diffusion into 3ds Max
tyFlow was positioned as a "complete overhaul" of Particle Flow, replacing the outdated native particle system in 3ds Max with a new-generation system.
DeepMotion has released SayMotion 1.5
SayMotion is a browser-based generative AI service for creating character animations from textual prompts.
Sketchsoft released Feather 1.5
First released in 2022, Feather allows users to create conceptual projects on tablets and laptops, working seamlessly on both iPad and through a web application.
Boris FX has released SynthEyes 2024.5
SynthEyes, first released two decades ago and acquired by Boris FX in 2023, has become integral in VFX pipelines due to its blend of speed, accuracy, and affordability.
Infinigen Indoors: Procedural 3D Interior Generation
First released last year, Infinigen is an open-source tool for procedural creation of 3D environments using only mathematical rules.
Join Visual June in Tbilisi: A Premier Event for Design and Architecture Enthusiasts
This Saturday, June 29, another CG-event will take place in Tbilisi. We welcome everyone interested in design and computer graphics.
BiteTheBytes выпустили World Creator 2024.2
Key changes in World Creator 2024.2 include a new 3D stamping system: the Model Shape Layer can be used to import a 3D mesh and place it on the terrain as a 2D projection.
Continuum 2024.5 has been released
The Continuum 2024.5 update adds two more AI-based tools: one for video retiming and another for facial recognition.
RizomUV 2024.0 by Rizom-Lab
RizomUV has been available under its current brand since 2018 and is a standalone tool for UV unwrapping 3D models and packing the resulting UV parts.
Making of: "Mistery forest"
The process of creating a visualization of a small area in the suburbs of Saint Petersburg, situated amidst a pine forest. CGI work in grayscale, depicting a lack of sunlight on a foggy day.
Most Downloaded 5 Models
At, we pride ourselves on offering a wide array of 3D models to fuel your creative projects. Let's explore these popular 3D assets that have earned their place in the spotlight.
uGridsToLOD: improving LOD of Fallout 4. Overpasses
The first report on the uGridsToLOD project. Improving the appearance of overpasses remote from the player.
uGridsToLOD: LOD Fallout 4 Improvement Project. Problem statement
uGridsToLOD is a project whose goal is to improve the quality of remote objects through LOD transformation.
Smoke and Mirrors
There can be only one - Volume Caustic from almost point light source, with parallel rays, multiple reflections, refractions, dispersion, absorption, and global illumination.
Color Space - What is it and why you should use ACES
Introduction The industry has been moving forward with each passing year. Advancements in technology consistently change our workflows and lead to new techniques being adapted for production.For year
"Flying car" project upgrade
So I`m starting set of articles about upgrading my old project "Flying car". I made around 7 years ago.Please, subscribe, give me feedback and help me to make it even better!
3D Artist of the Month January 2020: Yuriy Dulich
2020 is finally here, and what better way to celebrate the start of a new decade than with a (big) bang!? Opening for our 3D Artist of the Month campaign in January is Yuriy Dulich
The heart of an artist: Bursting through the concrete with Pedro Conti
Pedro Conti is an accomplished 3D artist in every sense of the word. Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, he has worked with some of the biggest studios in the animation industry, including Walt Disney and
3D Artist of the Month October 2019: Sergey Buravtsov
“Here’s looking at you, kid!” Sergey Buravtsov, our October 2019 3D Artist of the Month, takes us on a spiritual journey to the great plains of Northern Asia to meet ‘The Shaman’.
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Are you ready for RebusFarm's best deal of the year? From November 29th to December 2nd you will get 100% free RenderPoints on top!
3D Artist of the Month November 2019: Jeffry Quiambao
In our interview, Jeffry talks about character design, career ambitions and job hunting in his new Arizona home.
Nebula Render: New visualization and rendering software
Nebula Render 2 is a powerful application aimed at architects, designers and casual VFX artists.
3D Artist of the Month August 2019: Massimo Righi
Put on your pith helmet, as Massimo Righi, our August 2019 3D Artist of the Month, is about to take you on a digital safari extraordinaire!
3D Artist of the Month May 2019: Stas Vergasov
Architectural visualization is truly a global industry. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we are free to digitally explore cityscapes and buildings from all over.
How 3D Designers are Bringing a Game-changing Dimension to e-Commerce
Discover this massive opportunity with CGTrader!