New features in Project Substance Alchemist

The Substance team presented an updated Project Substance Alchemist with a number of new features. After reviewing the feedback and comments from the community, the developers updated their software for working with Substance materials to make it as convenient and useful for artists as possible.

What’s new

1. Extended custom collections

Creating collections of materials has become easier and faster than ever. You can create collections directly from search results and immediately customize all added materials. Collections can be shared with a team, colleagues or friends by exporting a board of materials.wood_project2.jpg

2. Easy material management

Now you can organize and enrich materials with metadata in a dedicated space. It is easier to search, view and manage materials. This feature is just the beginning: the Substance team assures that it will become more efficient with each future update.


3. New filters for creating custom materials

Substance Source artists replenished collections of filters with new content. All files can be downloaded for free along with a detailed tutorial on how to use them.

4. More stable and optimized workflow

The Substance team paid attention to the stabilization and optimization of switching tabs so that the process of navigating the interface was made clearer and more comfortable. Shortcuts for Undo and Redo needed a little improvement, so the developers have expanded
them to change parameter values.

Price and availability

Substance Alchemist is still available for free to Substance users via Indie or Pro subscriptions for $19.90/month and $99.90/month, respectively. Prices for companies and educational institutions are available on request. Students and teachers can request licenses for free.

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