FluidNinja VFX Tools 1.8 for Unreal Engine

First released in 2019, FluidNinja VFX Tools convert fluid simulations such as fire, smoke, clouds, and magical effects into 2D data within Unreal Engine. The baked data, which may include flipbooks and flow maps, can be used to create volumes or Niagara particle simulations in the game.


This process reduces the size of simulation assets and enables complex simulations to run in real-time. According to Ketzler, the baked data serves as an alternative to VDB assets that are 100 times larger: typical file sizes range from 1-4 MB compared to 100-400 MB.
In FluidNinja VFX Tools 1.8, support has been added for a new volume type called Heterogeneous Volume (HVOL), introduced in Unreal Engine 5.3. HVOL is suitable for detailed, small, and medium-scale environmental effects, replacing the custom volume type previously used in FluidNinja VFX Tools. Version 1.8 features a unified volume function that works with all native Unreal Engine volume types: Fog Volumes (FVOL), Cloud Volumes (CVOL), and the new HVOL.


FluidNinja VFX Tools 1.8 is compatible with Unreal Engine 4.20 and higher, as well as Unreal Engine 5.0 and higher. The perpetual license costs $99.99. There is also a student version available, which is a non-commercial version with no functionality or time restrictions, and it is free for use in personal projects and demonstration reels.

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