After Effects 24.5 has been released

In After Effects 24.5, the modernization of Adobe's 3D toolset continues, with the addition of the ability to import 3D models with embedded animation. This feature, initially introduced in the beta version in April, is now available in the stable release. Currently, animation support is limited to files in the glTF/GLB format. Additionally, the import of 3D models into Creative Cloud libraries, which previously supported only glTF/GLB formats, now also includes support for models in OBJ format.



Among other 3D features, After Effects 24.5 introduces a shadow catching system similar to those used in other DCC applications. This system allows 3D objects to cast shadows onto a transparent 3D layer beneath them, facilitating their realistic integration into the background. Now, depth maps can be generated using the enhanced 3D renderer, similar to what was previously possible with the classic 3D renderer. Depth data can be used to create depth-based effects such as fog, blur, or depth-based color correction.
Additionally, camera and light properties can now be edited directly from the properties panel. In addition to the 3D toolset, the update adds 33 new animation presets. These range from utility presets to presets for creating anime speed lines, dynamic text and infographics, as well as new transitions like "wipe" and "dissolve."


After Effects 24.5 is available for Windows 10 and above, and macOS 12.0 and above, only through subscription. The subscription cost for a single application like After Effects is $34.49 per month or $263.88 per year. The online documentation also refers to this update as the June 2024 release.

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