UVReactor - a new plugin for unwrapping in 3ds Max

UVReactor has been in development for five years and is a high-performance automated plugin for unwrapping and packing UV maps in 3ds Max. The process is handled on the CPU in a single thread, utilizing AVX2 instruction set for accelerated processing. The developer claims that UVReactor performs "up to eight times the work per CPU cycle compared to most UV editors," while remaining "extremely responsive" even with multi-million polygonal models.

While the feature set in its initial release is still somewhat limited, UVReactor includes sets of tools for unwrapping, packing UV maps, and adjusting texel density. The plugin integrates with native modeling tools in 3ds Max and adheres to standard 3ds Max workflows, utilizing the same hotkeys as those in the viewport and native UV editor. Among its other advantages are built-in UV cleaning functionality, automatic correction of common UV artifacts, and the ability to stitch multiple UV shells simultaneously.


Currently, UVReactor only supports Editable Poly objects and not the Edit Poly modifier. However, the developer plans to introduce a dedicated UVReactor modifier in one of the future updates. Support for UDIM workflows is also planned for upcoming releases.


UVReactor is compatible with 3ds Max 2020 and higher. The cost of perpetual indie licenses for artists earning less than $100,000 per year is 150 euros (approximately $163). The price for Pro licenses is 300 euros (approximately $325).

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