Photoshop 25.0 from Adobe with AI

Adobe has introduced Photoshop 25.0, with a beta version that was released back in July. This release has introduced a second new tool based on Adobe's generative AI toolkit called Firefly. Adobe began integrating Firefly into Photoshop in May, introducing the Generative Fill feature. With Generative Fill, users can select an area of an image they want to replace, enter a textual description of the content they'd like to generate in its place, and Photoshop creates AI-generated content as a separate layer.
Generative Expand is a similar tool, but instead of replacing an area of the image, it expands the existing boundary. Users can expand the canvas using the existing Crop tool and then input a textual description of the new background they'd like to generate. Once again, the AI-generated content is seamlessly created in a new layer.


Generative Expand and Generative Fill are now supported through actions on the Photoshop Taskbar to streamline the workflow. During the beta testing period, these tools were licensed only for non-commercial use, but now they can be used in commercial projects. Adobe has also introduced pricing based on credits for Firefly.
A Creative Cloud subscription includes a monthly quota of "fast" generative AI credits, where one credit corresponds to performing a Generative Fill or Generative Expand operation on an image that's 2000 x 2000 pixels in size. Photography plans offer 100-250 credits per month, a single-app Photoshop subscription provides 500 credits per month, and the "All Apps" subscription comes with 1000 credits per month.


After using them, users can continue to use Firefly for free but at slower speeds. Starting from November 2023, additional fast credits can be purchased as part of a separate new subscription plan, starting at $4.99 per month for 100 credits.
Among other changes in Photoshop 25.0, there's an update to the "Remove" tool. Introduced in Photoshop 24.5, this tool, which is also AI-powered, allows for quick object removal by roughly painting over the object to be removed. Photoshop then automatically generates a new background area to fill the gap.


In Photoshop 25.0, you can not only fill in an object but also paint the surroundings around it. According to Adobe, this new workflow makes it easier to replace large areas of an image, reducing the chances of missing parts of the replaced area. Additionally, Adobe has discontinued the use of the Photoshop Preset Sync feature, which allowed for syncing brush presets, gradients, patterns, styles, shapes, and patterns with a Creative Cloud account. This meant that presets could be transferred to a new device, for example, from a laptop to a desktop PC, when logging in with the same Adobe ID. This change followed Adobe's announcement of discontinuing the use of Creative Cloud Synced Files in all Creative Cloud subscriptions, starting from February 1, 2024.

Photoshop 25.0 is available for Windows 10 and above, as well as macOS 11.0 and above. The software is only available through a subscription model, with the "Photography" subscription, which includes access to both Photoshop and Lightroom, starting at $119.88 per year. The subscription cost for Photoshop as a single app is $31.49 per month or $239.88 per year.

Photoshop 25.0 доступен для Wndows 10 и выше и macOS 11.0 и выше. Программное обеспечение предоставляется только в аренду, а стоимость подписки "Photography", включающей доступ к Photoshop и Lightroom, начинается с 119,88$ в год. Стоимость подписки на Photoshop с одним приложением составляет 31,49$ в месяц или 239,88$ в год.

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