ArmorPaint 0.9 Release

ArmorPaint, initially released in early 2018 and still in early access, is a 3D painting tool capable of generating PBR texture maps for use in DCC applications or game engines. Often seen as a potential future alternative to Adobe's Substance 3D Painter, it allows artists to texture models by painting directly on their surfaces in real-time in the viewport. The program is GPU-based and provides "seamless" 16k painting on high-end GPUs.

Users can import 3D assets in standard formats or as Blender scene files and then create basic materials using ArmorPaint's node-based material editor or import existing sets of PBR texture maps that the program will assemble into a material. Painting tools include a basic brush, eraser, decal tool, fill tools, clone tool, and blur tool, as well as an experimental particle brush. Finished texture maps can be exported in PNG, JPEG, or EXR formats with color depths of up to 32 bits. It's also possible to bake a range of geometry-based texture maps, including AO, Cavity, Thickness, and normals.


ArmorPaint also has plug-ins for Blender, Unity, and Unreal Engine. The Maya plugin, which appeared in version 0.8, is no longer mentioned in the online documentation.
Version 0.9 is the first major update to the program in almost two years, and compared to version 0.8, it is more focused on refinement and bug fixes. Among the new features is the Smudge tool, which works similarly to other painting applications by "smudging" the material applied to the model's surface. The program also introduces support for masks on layer groups. Workflow improvements include a new UV unwrap dialog, height and opacity selection, as well as various minor UI improvements and changes. A new OBJ parser is highlighted, which makes OBJ import approximately 40% faster and requires 20% less memory for importing.


ArmorPaint 0.9 is available in early access for Windows 10 and above, Linux, and macOS. There are also experimental versions for iPadOS and Android. Integration plugins are compatible with Blender 3.6, Unity 2023.3, and Unreal Engine 5.2. The source code is available for free under the zlib license.
Compiled binary files are available for commercial purchase online, and on the website, they are priced at $19. After purchasing the program, subsequent updates will be free. The applications for iPad and Android cost $17.99.

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