Pilgway releases 3DCoat 2023

Pilgway has recently launched 3DCoat 2023, the latest version of its 3D painting, retopology, and sculpting application, offering a variety of new features such as soft selection support during modelling and retopology, a timelapse screen recorder, and better mesh subdivision performance. In addition, the software has undergone several changes since its 2022 version, including an improved Sketch tool, painting tools, and file export capabilities, including export to Blender and Unreal Engine. Pilgway also released a cut-down version of the software, 3DCoatTextura 2023, for texture painting and rendering.


Furthermore, the new features of 3DCoat 2023 also include a multi-resolution sculpting system, a new lattice tool, and improvements to the Tree Generation tool that can now generate leaves in addition to trunks, branches, and roots. The Surface Mode performance has also improved, with mesh subdivision being at least five times faster, and the ability to subdivide meshes up to 100-200 million polygons.

Moreover, the new release introduces a timelapse screen-recording tool that records the screen at specified intervals, enabling users to generate a timelapse video of their model creation. Additionally, the software has better UV unwrapping with improvements to AutoMap, its automatic UV unwrapping system. 3DCoat 2023 also supports IGES format export, which will eventually be moved to a separate paid add-on module.

On a different note, Pilgway has increased the prices of perpetual licenses and subscriptions to 3DCoat due to the effects of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war on the economy, marking its first price increase since launching its current online store. The new prices will take effect from 11 April 2023, allowing interested users to purchase the software at its current price until then.

To wrap up, 3DCoat 2023 is available for Windows 7+, Ubuntu 20.04+, and macOS 10.13+. Prices for individual artists start at €439 for new perpetual node-locked licenses, while studios can purchase new perpetual node-locked licenses for €539, and floating licenses for €579. Monthly subscriptions cost €20.80/month or €169.85/year for individual artists, and €32.85/month or €299/year for node-locked studios and €37.85/month or €319.85/year for floating licenses. Pilgway also offers educational pricing, with all prices excluding tax.

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