RandoMixer randomises your 3ds Max scenes

Spline Dynamics, also known as developer HernĂ¡n Rodenstein, has recently launched RandoMixer, a promising new 3ds Max plugin designed to create variations of 3D models, characters or scenes through randomisation.


This plugin is particularly useful for generating alternative designs, materials and lighting of scenes, making it an ideal tool for concept design and look development work. RandoMixer can even automatically generate simple motion-graphics style animations.

RandoMixer randomises the position, rotation and scale of meshes, the materials applied to them, whether scene lights are on or off, and which view camera is used. With these features, it's a powerful tool for exploring design ideas or presenting clients with a range of options for 3D models, scenes, and stylised 3D characters.
The plugin also includes a "smart scattering" tool for set dressing, which can automatically place smaller objects like books and ornaments on furniture within a scene. This feature is also available as a separate plugin.

RandoMixer allows users to export collections of variations to the 3ds Max timeline, making it possible to generate simple motion-graphics-style animations.
RandoMixer is compatible with 3ds Max 2015+ and is available for purchase at $120 for a perpetual license, which can be used on up to two machines.