Free Trim Sheet Maker for Houdini

Artist Kilian Braun updated his free Trim Sheet Maker plugin for Houdini, adding new useful features such as individual elements in a line, and cleaner UI for a smoother workflow.

The tool is a simple Houdini Trim Sheet generator that can be used with Houdini or Houdini Engine.

The artist decided to create it, since the original baking of normal maps in Houdini is extremely limited and inconvenient. Kilian recommends exporting meshes and using xNormal, Substance, Maya, or other tools to achieve better results.

The zip folder available for free contains project files in the .hiplc format and Houdini Digital Asset in the .hdalc format.

Photogrammetry fans will be interested in afree plugin for simple photo scans in Houdini from SideFX.