Maxon buys Redshift

Maxon, developer of professional solutions for 3D modeling, animation and rendering, announced an acquisition of Redshift Rendering Technologies, Inc., developer of the Redshift rendering engine.

Redshift is a GPU-accelerated renderer designed to meet the specific requirements of modern production. It is available as a plugin for Cinema 4D and other 3D applications.

“Rendering can be the most time-consuming and demanding aspect of 3D content creation,” commented Maxon’s CEO David McGavran. “Redshift’s speed and efficiency combined with Cinema 4D’s responsive workflow make it a perfect match for our portfolio.”

“We’ve always admired Maxon and the Cinema 4D community, and are thrilled to be a part of it. We are looking forward to working closely with Maxon, collaborating on seamless integration of Redshift into Cinema 4D and continuing to push the boundaries of what's possible with production-ready GPU rendering,” stated Nicolas Burtnyk, Co-founder and CEO of Redshift Rendering Technologies.

Redshift has established itself as an indispensable rendering solution for industry giants such as Technicolor, Digital Domain, Encore Hollywood and Blizzard. The list of projects in which Redshift was used for VFX and animation graphics includes Black Panther, Aquaman, Captain Marvel, Rampage, American Gods, Gotham, and The Expanse.


Image: Aquaman's credits

Both sides claim that:

• Prices for Redshift will remain unchanged. Users can continue to buy Redshift through their usual channels.
• Redshift is and will remain available for Maya, 3dsmax, Houdini and Katana.
• The announced development of a plugin for Blender will continue as planned. Additional integrations may be considered in the future.
• The release and development plans of Redshift 3.0 will not be affected.
• Cinema 4D will also continue to support other third-party rendering engines through its plug-in architecture.

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