Giant Sky Bridge | Architecture


The largest project of Safdie Architects studio is a giant sky bridge connecting the city towers of Raffles in China.

The giant greenhouse, designed by Moshe Safdie’s studio and connecting the four Raffles City Chongqing towers, is already 80% complete. Recently, CapitaLand has released photos of the building, and the company has announced that Raffles City Chongqing is almost ready to open one of the world's tallest bridges. The
expected mega-structure with an area of 1.12 million km² will be opened in two phases from 2Q 2019.

This grand building is located in the historical center of Chongqing and fits in perfectly with the urban infrastructure. Safdie architects carefully studied and took into account the organization of city streets in order to fit in the shopping center as naturally as possible and to help the city authorities restore order in the shopping districts.

The most striking feature of the project is the sky bridge connecting the four towers with a length of 280 meters. On this Conservatory bridge there will be an observation deck, an infinity pool, places with a transparent floor to look down at the city from above and various restaurants. The building will provide unexpected new vantage points that offering new views of the city. In the future, such a bridge can be extended, connecting more and more high-rises to each other and creating "streets" in the sky with their own infrastructure. A very futuristic idea, isn’t it?








Such projects will allow for leaving more open space on the ground, similar to what architects tried to do in the pixel construction of Sydney Hive.

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