Her Majesty Air Fleet - Pirates

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Entries from the diary of a pirate captain On ships passing dangerous places around the clock watch now looks around the ship and in the case of danger, all steel doors are battened down in the hold to prevent pirates inside. Alarm arming all hoses and roll out long-range weapons. Ads from anxiety before the first volley passes, usually 3-5 minutes. All hope is to have a team of Morgan and his brave men. Ships simply will not be able to come so close in such a short time ... With powerful volleys Empire did not give us land on the ship, so the attack must be sudden. Morgan's task is to disable the steam supplied to a ship, it will give us time to come closer. And from then on, our concern ... Arrival of ships in the port planned to noon. We can not allow this to happen ... God help us ... The paper shows the moment a pirate attack on the imperial ship.
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