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Blade runner 2049: How Territory studio designed future technologies in the film
London-based Territory studio was brought on board in the very early stages of production. The artists delivered over 100 assets across 15 sets, which almost all were implemented live and shot on set.
An interview with Evan Lee
RENDERU.COM spoke to Evan Lee, an awesome artist from Taiwan. His designs are incredible, each painting catches your eye. Want to know more? Just read it!
‘Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III’ Trailer: An interview with Axis Animation
Abed Abonamous, Director, Caleb Bouchard, Producer, and Head of FX Hudson Martins told RENDERU.COM about the creative process behind the trailer.
Human artists VS machines: How artificial intelligence is learning to be creative
Will we see artificial intelligence becoming a true artist any time soon? What would the consequences be? RENDERU.COM spoke about it to Ahmed Elgammal, Professor of Computer Science.
Why animators need acting lessons: An interview with Ed Hooks
What are the most common mistakes animators make? RENDERU.COM spoke to Ed Hooks, a featured speaker at big animation events around the world and the author of Acting for Animators book.
Visual effects in Spider-Man: Homecoming: An interview with Digital Domain
Digital Domain created the Staten Island Ferry sequence. RENDERU.COM spoke to Francis Puthanangadi, Compositing Supervisor, and Eric Kimelton, VFX producer.